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Middle/High School Guidelines/Athlete Agreement

  • Name-calling and teasing is prohibited
  • Excluding or ignoring a member of the team is prohibited
  • Cyberbullying: Using social or electronic media to hurt, control or diminish someone is prohibited
  • Using racial slurs against a teammate is prohibited
  • Excluding a teammate based on a perceived difference is prohibited
  • Teasing a teammate based on stereotypes is prohibited
  • Requiring a teammate to drink excessive amounts of fluids as part of an initiation is prohibited
  • Pummeling a teammate to prove they are tough enough to be part of the group is prohibited
  • Screaming at a teammate for a poor performance is prohibited
  • Ignoring and refusing to talk to a teammate as punishment is prohibited
  • Striking a teammate is prohibited
  • Inappropriately propositioning a teammate for sex is prohibited
  • Receiving/providing sexual photos physically and electronically is prohibited
  • Participating in inappropriate electronic communication (email/social media) is prohibited
  • Inappropriate and unwanted physical touching of another is prohibited

Our athletes are prohibited from engaging in the behavior listed above and will report any observed violations to one of the coaches immediately.

Any violation of the rules above can lead to suspension from the team and potential criminal charges.