About Us

Peak Performance Track Club is a non-profit organization that competes in competitive events through local, regional and national track and field meets. The club is open to all girls and boys  turning age, 7 to 18 during the spring season, and 7-18 during the summer season. Most track meets during the spring season will be located within Cobb County except for District and the State meet.

The club begins practicing in late January and competitive meets occur from March through May for the spring season. The summer season is from May through July. The coaches provide event specific training techniques and conditioning methods in each athlete’s needs. Experience is not a requirement to join our club. All athletes will compete in their age groups and respective events at the track meets with a chance to qualify for the district and state meets during the spring; as well as state, regional, and national Junior Olympics during the summer.

Aside from training and competing in track and field events our athletes will have fun and be provided the opportunity for social and educational experiences each season.

Our Mission

To develop leaders, improve individual self-esteem, and encourage the youth to give back to their community.

Our Goals

  • To encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship and friendships between our young athletes.
  • To enhance physical, emotional and social development in our athletes through their involvement in track and field.
  • To provide our youth with positive role models so that they can become respectful and responsible citizens in our community.
  • To improve each athlete’s skill level and knowledge of their respective event.
  • To reduce childhood obesity by showing them how fun an active lifestyle can be.
  • To prepare youth for athletic competition at the high school level.
  • To provide opportunities for community service.